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With more than five million hits per day,  Studio Sol, which runs the leading websites about music Cifra Club, and Palco MP3, will have its 60 people staff in one of the coolest offices in Belo Horizonte.

The 500 square meters (5380 square feet) space was designed to be the second house of the teams and it has the latest technology applied even in the ceiling, where uneven wooden boxes simulate the sinuous shape of a sound wave.

The office has a work station for each platform, as well as formal and informal meeting rooms (which encourage brainstorming of the team) and separate rooms for finance and marketing departments that have received musical instruments hanging from the ceiling through steel cables.

Throughout the space, sofas and plants create an ambiance for moments of relaxation that can also be enjoyed in the kitchen and leisure areas with video games, chairs and musical equipment.

The control of water consumption is the employees’ responsibility: a backlit panel in the hall and toilets decorated with programming language, changes its color according to the limit of use – green means that everything is perfect, yellow means state of alert and red indicates that saving must start immediately!

With LEED certification, the entire project will offer power solutions, from lighting to appliances and computers.


Nome do projeto: Studio Sol

Cliente: Studio Sol

Autoria: Todos Arquitetura. Co-autoria: Guto Requena

Team: Lais Delbianco, Fabio Mota, Mauricio Arruda, Guto Requena, Raphaell Valença, Emily Shayo, Bruno Araujo, Ana Konda

Metragem: 500 m²

Local: Savassi, BH- MG

Ano de conclusão: 2017