Todos Arquitetura | Coca Cola
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One of the biggest – and most popular – companies in the world, Coca-Cola received the brand’s representatives from the four corners of the planet to watch the opening of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. To accommodate about 150 people and to be the stage of several  activities and shows for 72 hours, a hospitality center was specially created for the brand in the hotel where the guests were staying.

The spaces were developed to allow the guests to immerse into the Coca-Cola universe, transmitting the main values and identities established in its 150 years of existence.

The LED panels interacted with the users at the same time that huge graphics of little bottles changed colors.

To develop the graphic elements of the environments, the brand pointed out several concepts that should be included according to its design book.

The idea was to make a space of interaction of the brand for the people who do business with Coca-Cola, a moment of experience, celebrating the opening of the World Cup.

— Maurício Arruda, architect responsible for the project

One of the walls was built with the traditional red cans of Coke that show the brand’s communication in different countries around the world.

Project Data:

Project name:  Coca Cola Hospitality

Client: DiO Marketing

Author: Todos Arquitetura. Co-autoria: Guto Requena

Team: Guto Requena, Lucas Ciciliato, Fabio Mota, Mauricio Arruda

Size: 1288,0 m²

Location: Hotel Tivoli Mofarrej – Al. Santos 1437 – Cerqueira Cesar, São Paulo – SP

 Project Year: 2014

Photo: Andre Klotz