Todos Arquitetura | Drink Infinity
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The Drinkfinity Lab is a temporary space located in the heart of Vila Madalena, in Sao Paulo. It was created to receive a group of people selected by Pepsico, who tested the future products of the brand daily. These opinion leaders used the space during six months and participated on activities and events related to the themes and concepts of the new drink, such as hydration, urban life, and creative economy.

The ambiences were developed to promote interaction and discussion between the guests about the product. To this end, multifunctional spaces were created, where it was possible to work, spend sometime relaxing, or simply hang out with friends.

The decor used borrowed or demolitions furniture. Most items came from antique shops, such as the ping pong table that was used in the main space with antique chairs, or the vintage tool boxes used as vases in the external areas.

The informative panels of the products were spread everywhere helping the guests on the understanding of the spaces.  After the period of six months using the corporate space, the items used in the decor were auctioned among the guests.

Project Data:

Project name: Drink Infinity

Client: Live AD

Author: Todos Arquitetura. Co-autoria: Guto Requena

Team: Lais Delbianco, Fabio Mota, Mauricio Arruda, Sandra Telles, Lucas Ciciliato

Size: 184,25 m²

Location: Rua Fidalga, 593, Vila Madalena, São Paulo – SP

Project Year: 2014

Photo: Lufe Gomes